More People Get Election News From Radio Than Newspapers

When’s the last time you’ve intentionally listened to the news on the radio? It’s probably more recently than the last time you’ve read a newspaper.

From the latest Pew Research Poll:


In the 18-29 demographic, 53% of respondents say the most helpful type of news comes from social media or news websites/apps. Only 2% mention local papers in print (1%) or national papers in print (1%).


It’s worth sifting through the entire poll if you’re interested in this sort of thing. And if your organization is still printing newspapers or relying on print advertising to survive, start counting down the days.

Even sillier, when I graduated from the Penn State College of Communications less than two years ago with a degree in journalism, I had to take a class on how to layout a newspaper design. Guess how many classes I had on how to effectively use social media?


One thought on “More People Get Election News From Radio Than Newspapers

  1. Interesting (and expected) decline in “social media” usage with age, though I’d imagine that if one were to poll only PSU alumni … there would be a far greater percentage of older folks who wield social media as a club to promote “their news”. LOL.



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