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One of the comments I often hear from young alums is the lack of time they have to check their social media feeds or to keep up on the news in general. Even some of the most engaging folks I met at Penn State — people that read every State College news source every day during their student years — no longer have time to check even one. Time intensive careers, starting a family, and moving far away can hinder us from keeping up with Alma Mater.

It was with this demographic in mind that we launch the Onward State newsletter today. By signing up, you’ll be able to get an email in your inbox every Sunday that includes the most important 10-15 stories in the Penn State media sphere. Rather than spend the hours every day combing through Twitter and the various news outlets, we’ll pull out all the important news and features from the week and put it into one place.

With MailChimp, we’ll get our first 2,000 subscribers for free. I doubt we’ll exceed this number with the initial push but reaching our threshold by the end of the semester seems like a realistic goal. Onward State already has more than 6,000 subscribers through WordPress, which are mostly residual from when you needed to sign up to comment. A 10,000 sign up goal by the end of the year is something to shoot for.

Here’s the link to sign up: http://onwardstate.com/2016/01/21/sign-up-for-onward-states-weekly-newsletter/


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